What do we support?

We make small one off grants generally up to £500 to help with music, dance, drama, sport, course fees, school trips, expeditions, travel costs, books, laptops, sports kit, equipment etc.

What do we not fund?

We do not ordinarily fund ongoing school or university fees.

Who can apply?

Individuals who are in need of financial assistance and

  • Are under the age of 25 years who have at any time attended as pupils of a secondary school in Exeter (including Exeter College) or
  • Are under the age of 18 who are single parent families who live within 15 miles of Exeter Guildhall

How to apply

An application form (Part 1) can be obtained from the Clerk or printed from the attached PDF and returned by post or email.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and if we consider you may qualify for a grant a second form (Part 2) will be sent to you to complete and return requesting additional financial information so the Governors of St John’s can make a final decision on the amount of grant, if any. The issue of a (Part 2) application form does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded.

Please provide full and accurate details so that the decision is not delayed by our having to ask for missing information.

A decision will generally be made within six to eight weeks. Please apply in sufficient time if the grant application is for participation in an event starting on a specific date. Please note that schools cannot apply on behalf of their students.